Kell Systems and Ostrich IT @ AMITPRO (February 2011)

Posted on: February 16, 2011

Our first speaker was Mark Richards from Kell Systems.


Established in 2003, Marlow based Kell Systems design and manufacture “Portable Server Environments” which are server cabinets that enable equipment to be deployed directly in an office workspace, doing away with the need for a dedicated computer room.

Key features are;

• Substantial cost and space saving, compared to dedicated Computer Room

• Reduces server noise to the level of background office noise

• Office-cabinet appearance blends seamlessly into the work environment

• Environmentally friendly: greener than a computer room

• Secure: Keeping data and hardware safe and lockable

• Fully portable and can be located anywhere


The cabinets come in a variety of sizes (12U-38U) and would be ideal for the smaller business who wouldn’t be able to create a dedicated computer room.

Mark also gave some really great examples of how their customers have used their cabinets and saved large amounts of money by negating the need for a server room.

Mark also brought one of their ComputerVault Mini units so we could see exactly how they work.

ComputerVault Mini

There was a Dell server inside that had been running during the entire presentation which no-one had noticed until the front doors of the cabinet were opened!

The slides Mark used in his presentation are available to view below or you can download them here.


Our next speaker was AMITPRO member Matt Barton from Ostrich IT services


Matt’s presentation was called “Putting cash into your piggy bank” and explained the types of marketing activities Ostrich are currently involved in.

The first piece of advice Matt covered was all about having a list of people to contact.

This list could be built from scratch, rented, purchased or shared with a company that targets similar businesses to that you want to target.

After creating the list using a funnel is key. This is having a repeatable method that can be measured to check what works or and what doesn’t.

Having a list is all well and good but ensuring your targeting the right clients is highly important. There is little point sending emails out to a group of multi-nationals if your looking to work with business that have five to ten employees.

Matt also shared some tips and techniques Ostrich are using such as,

Write down your three best clients. Detail key information such as age, position, number of employee. This will make targetting much easier!

Using tracking numbers in marketing campaigns to help make it easier to measure what works and what doesn’t.

Do short runs, this makes it much easier to quickly figure out what works so it can be repeated.

There are free 0845 numbers available that can be used on marketing campaigns. This is another way of tracking enquiries.

Finally Matt ran through some useful resources

Direct Mailings  
Royal Mail Mailshots Online
Doc Mail Create and post
List Brokers  
CorpData “Get 200 for free”
Thompson Local  

The session ended with a lively group discussion with lots of questions for Matt to field.

There was a great story told about a plumber who’d been to fix a leak.

He offered to quickly check all the major joints for leaks whilst there – free of charge.

As the plumber checked each joint he placed a sticker on with his company name and contact details on.

Next time that client notices a leak he won’t even need to look for a plumber!

Matts presentation can be viewed below or is available to download here.

See you in March!

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